External vibration motor


Experience has shown that minerals do not drain easily from a bigbag. By fitting a external vibration motor to our Modulo SP, it ensures that the minerals still drain from the bigbag; simple and effective. This option on our existing system can save a lot of time during your daily recurring operations.



With the external vibration motor, a lot of time can be saved during emptying of Bigbags with minerals, for example. This option on the Modulo SP has been specially developed for Bigbags that are difficult to empty.

The Modulo SP has a spike in the middle of the bottom plate, which cuts open the bottom of the big bag when placing it. Thanks to the metering slide under the spike, the big bag can then be emptied in doses, using the external vibrator, emptying big bags with minerals becomes a lot easier.

The external vibration motor comes with support, thermal protection and connection cable.

For more information, please contact us.

Modulo SP uitgebreid met een trilmotor voor legen bigbags met mineralen

Additional information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions105 × 30 × 10 cm


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