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A lifting beam gives a lot of comfort! But safety above all else, right? Besides, you just want to be able to work smoothly and change bigbags without needing help. This Bigbag Lifting Beam is built for comfort and safety. Using the forklift (or overhead crane), you pick up the frame and place it above the bigbag. You simply hang the big bags’ loops in the safety hooks and move the big bag. Thanks to its smart yet simple construction, the frame can withstand the heaviest big bags.

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A lifting beam for bigbags ensures safety, comfort and working speed. It makes working just that little bit more pleasant and ensures that you can easily move a big bag on your own.

The equaliser is suitable for both forklift and overhead crane and the safety hooks ensure that the jumbo bag does not come loose – unless you want it to, of course!

Thanks to the clever yet simple construction of the lifting cross, the frame can withstand the heaviest big bags. Usually, the forklift or overhead crane is usually the limiting factor. But please read all instructions carefully before use!

This lifting cross combines well with our BigBag Frames which are height-adjustable. Thanks to the unique Vidbag system, you can empty and unload big bags very accurately, in doses. So you never waste product and always use exactly what you need!

Lifting cross bigbags

Going to work with BigBags? Filling them is a snap, but how do you empty them? Take a quick look at our Vidbag products for emptying and unloading big bags with rolling materials such as sand, gravel or fertiliser.

Want to know more or Vidbag? Then take a look at the video below. In it we show you what is possible in combination with the big bag lifting cross for emptying and unloading big bags. With our systems, you can build a complete modular system for unloading big bags with great ease and without spilling! Want to know more? Feel free to contact us!

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