Modulo Pallet spies


A low ceiling in the production area, but still able to unload bigbags on a frame? The solution is the Modulo Pallet.
By placing the bigbag on a pallet first, and only then on the frame, the forklift does not need to place the bigbags on the loops on the frame. So ceiling height is no longer a limiting factor!



The Modulo Pallet consists of a galvanised steel frame with an inserted steel pallet. With this frame, all types of big bags can be unloaded, with or without unloading lip.

Thanks to the fixed dosing valve, dosing can be done very accurately and it closes seamlessly.

The Modulo Pallet can be supplied in two variants:

The skewer; By lowering the bigbag onto the skewer, it cuts the bigbag open. The bigbag remains on the bottom plate.
With one operation, you are done!
The hopper; developed for bigbags with unloading spigots. The bigbag is placed on the bottom plate, the unloading flute drops through the hole in the bottom plate and is guided into the funnel. Unbutton and unload.

It remains possible to change systems later, this only takes a few minutes.

Suitable for all “rolling” products such as fodder, fertiliser and seeds. But also gravel, sand and coffee, for example. The Modulo Pallet is of course suitable for the food industry, as the materials used meet the requirements of this sector.

Need a suitable solution? We also make tailor-made solutions, call or e-mail us for more information!

Additional information

Weight120 kg
Dimensions115 × 115 × 175 cm
Technical details

Dimensions frame: 115 x 115 x 175cm
Height of metering valve 100 cm
Capacity: 2000kg
Other dimensions needed? Please contact us!


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